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Building useful micro-products and branded web experiences.


On a mission to conceive ideas worthy of shaping our future.

handsdown.io, like all projects started out small. In 2021 we developed what the internet has come to know as BOOTSTRAP OS. After its debut, we dabbled with a couple of other products. Some were successful, some not - we are big believers in failing fast and early. This means we experiment, all the time. At our core philosophy, we are deeply rooted within Lean Startup and Bootstrapping methodologies. Our motto goes like this: "If you can't validate it in 1 week with minimum effort, it ain't worth it". This is what we do: 1. Conceive a big vision, 2. Break it down into the smallest piece, & 3. Validate an MVP.

The expression 'handsdown' according to Google means "without much effort : easily". And according to the urban dictionary, it is "used when talking about whether something is easily the best". Our vision is to evolve into handsdown.io the finest product lab in the DACH region and use our two hands (hh) in the slow city of Vienna to fan a fresh wind into the sails of young entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2021 by Julian Paul, a Bermudian-born 🇧🇲 Austrian citizen 🇦🇹 living in Vienna. Julian is a passionate product developer and idea person who is restlessly solving one problem at a time. All in an effort to conceive ideas worthy of shaping our future.


Below is a collection of currently active products in handsdown. As we are running new idea experiments all the time, you can also get early access to upcoming products like vibi.ng or #earninpublic.



Where bold founders bootstrap their dream business: 1. FREE 7-day email course, 2. BOOTSTRAP OS to go from idea to business, & 3. A COMMUNITY to connect & grow together. bootstrap.supply is your proven step-by-step plan and process



Tools have infinite USECASES. Yours is unique. usecase.tools helps you to stop spending hours gathering input for your tool decisions. Start finding your specific scenario... If you want to get something done. You've got a USECASE.

TIDO logo.


Drive your macro momentum. Week by week. tido.today helps us attach intentions and desired outcomes to our tasks, quickly turning action items with little meaning into thoughtful quests filled with purpose.

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Find the domain worthy of your next big thing. worthy.domains supercharges your domain research and stop experiencing outdated players, too many TLDs, and shitty results. Get a system for your domain name decisions.

Work together

Got an idea? We'll build it.
Got a brand? We'll design it.

In short, we want to build something awesome together with you. To be concrete, we imagine three ways (maybe you have a fourth?) we'd love to work together:
1. You have an idea, but not the expertise to build it.
2. You have developed an idea, but need to take it to the next level.
3. You need some early-stage branding work for something you want to build yourself.

If none of the three points vibe with you, no problem. We can use our chat to determine what exactly it is you expect from us working together. Whether that's a joint partnership or simply a client relationship. We are happy to explore the possibilities together.

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